Food for Your Soul and Crazy Amounts of Passion

I just would like to say that I have no qualifications in food or a life time experience of clean thinking. These are my thoughts and hopefully powerful words that I have felt guided to share.

A post I read from one of the most soulful people I know, James Lonergan, really got me thinking. It totally slapped me in the face on what REALLY matters. In the past I totally would have changed everything I believe in, though this time I stayed grounded in who I am…but totally took on his rad words. James wrote about how he used to be all about the best food and raw and vegan. Almost as though he were narrow minded about food and living organically. He is questioning it all though, being the perfect example of constantly changing and evolving our body, mind the beliefs. (Do it people! It’s fun!)

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I realised that I had been doing the same thing. Not as extreme. I think a lot of other people get into this state of mind where only one way of living is best for them, and sometimes others. I can’t speak for others but in my mind organic food and herbs were EVERYTHING. They would heal me, all of me, including my state of mind. I thought eating clean and high vibe-ing foods would be the easy way to being connected to my purpose in life, my authentic soul. Boy was I wrong.

It wasn’t working, a shock. I was still a reck more or less. I know other people feel this way, and it isn’t anything new. There are people that have caught onto this years and years and years before I did, and they have been putting this out into the universe. But for me, the pivotal moment only happened a few weeks ago.


Don’t get me wrong, high quality, wholesome food and water will never be bad for you. And I will always surround myself and my family with organic foods. Though there is something else, that I think should come above food. Your mind and spirituality! I think spending time to reflect, get in tune with, and detoxify your thoughts is far better than trying to stop those not so nice feelings with food (healthy or not) and other vices. It isn’t about that! I have to tell myself that the emptiness isn’t in my full stomach and can’t be filled with any of the high-vibe-packed-with-love food. It is taking time to step out into nature, recognising those poisonous words you are hammering yourself with and seeing love instead, laughing with a friend, reading a book that you love… it is taking a walk, spending time with family, helping people less fortunate, gardening… Anything your soul loves to do. For me I feel like because I came from the earth it is my duty (and total pleasure) to give back whenever I can and nurture Earth. I know it may sound hippie and like spiritual woo woo but I don’t care because it is like a three course meal for my soul.

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While food and water are essential for our health and… well, to stay alive, I have found that anything that isn’t food related that I truly love will fill me up. I can spend hours studying creative writing or gardening, adventuring, planting and tending to seedlings that I will in time harvest, and dancing to music and know that when my body needs fuel or replenishment it will tell me… and I will listen. Oh, I will totally listen because I don’t want anything to stop me from enjoying what now matters the most to me. Doing what fills up every inch of my being and shines from my pores like little beams! !@#$@#$!

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I can feel the excitement already!

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So. Going back to what I said about food never being bad. It’s true I guess but it can be dangerous and make massive wave inside you. Under eating will stop you from reaching your highest loving self, and over eating will do the same thing. How do you know? Well, it will probably sound obvious. Listen to your body! It has this amazing ability to talk to you, you just have to be attuned to these subtle (sometimes massive) messages.

Diet isn’t everything lovely people! I know the media is really pushing all of this really healthy food, which is great! More people need to be aware of this, but don’t get trapped into thinking that diet is everything. Because it isn’t. It is part of a healthy life, not the main chorus.

So, what can you do to become more in tune with your body? What can you do to fill up your soul and make you fuller than food?

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The first step is wanting to make the change! From there it is easy as long as you want it.

Brittany xx

House Hunting, Good Vibes, and Mountain Dreams

“Let come what may.”

I am looking for a place to live. It sounds weird and grown up for me to say, but none the less I have been looking for a place to live since this year started. At first I think it was just something I did instead of studying (admit it you do it too…) but I actually got serious, I started searching for rentals in towns I actually liked and could afford. Byron Bay was at the top of my list (I could totally ditch uni and live in probably on of the coolest places I have been too… umm…). I am sticking close to home now and work…and uni. I am also pulling a Gabby Bernstein and being totally open to being guided to the place I am supposed to find.

Sometimes I would love to just run away to the Blue Mountains or hike the Glass Mountains and build a little cabin out of sustainable materials; live off the land, live simply, sell my harvest at the local markets, chop wood for fire, snuggle up to my man on any given night, write my books from a little study over looking the world, and hike the mountain for that exhilarating invincible feeling…

2015-04-20 11.50.10

2015-04-20 11.50.14

The thing is I could have that mountain dweller dream, I could pack up and leave my life now and start over for the simple life. I can do that, but I wont because it is too hard for my stage of life right now.

So… I am still searching and putting out good vibes. I am allowing the angels to take over and putting my trust in the Universe to nudge me into the right direction. Because even if you end up going left, not right, it is still actually the right path for you to be on… or maybe I’m just a little crazy and am talking gibberish.

Have a great week beauties.

Brittany xx

Constant Reality

It’s been a while since I last posted. And honestly life has been full, but I also just haven’t felt like sharing my new realisation. I have written about something similar but I think that was just the tip of the iceberg of my realisation. I pray this isn’t a broken record for you, but that it hopefully makes you take a step back and  say, ‘Why am I trying to be this person that I’m not?’ It was rainy yesterday, I had finished playing with my little sisters enviously long hair, I had helped her with a school photography project (Computers suck sometimes) and I actually had nothing else to do. So, I sat down with one of my many note pads, you know the really cheep ones that are necessary for writers and creators but are so not pretty. Anyway, I started to blurt out everything I was thinking and in the end I looked at my crazy scribbles and said to myself, ‘I’m ready.’

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I’m not mainstream. I have always tried to be, because it was just easy that way, but I always come back to the wide-eyed-wondering-off daydreamer that I am. I don’t think that I will ever be able to fit into the box that my mum and nana keep with my name on it. I believe they hold it close to their hearts because they love me dearly and want only the best for me.

I don’t want to be in a box or a cage or a fenced off field! I want to dream up red wings of passion all of my own so I can tie them to ma body and fly where ever and when ever my soul pleases. I want to feel every emotion that there is… and still come back to love every time.

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My authentic self scares me a little because I’m not sure i will find a man that will be able to live with my sensitivity, uncontrollable urges to step outside to bare all to Mother Earth, my desire to constantly seek NEW and different, my single-mindedness when I am writing, or the crazy-healthy weird things that I feed my body. I worry that I don’t fit into my environment anymore, now that i have come to this realisation of… ME. Each day I stay here is a day lost.

I am a fish out of water!

So I am constantly itching to move overseas to Sweden, Germany, Tahoe (California), or place to accommodate my dreams of sustainable living because I would love to live in a forest.

I am not mainstream. I day dream constantly, I act out scenes for whatever book I am writing. I don’t know what it is like to be ‘normal’ anymore. I am constantly having people look at me weirdly or sound shocked because I have just told them that I don’t eat meat or processed foods / don’t use anything plastic / that the green juice and smoothie are both for my lunch because it is just one of those green days. I am constantly shocking people and while a part of me loves it, I want to be around people that reflect my life choices, and will be right next to me as I wash down that green juice with a equally as green smoothie. I do love being able to leave people wondering. Yeah, it will take me a little longer to find the right man, the right job, right, home, and the right environment and people… but that’s okay sometimes because I know know who I am and why I have never fit in.

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Brittany xx