Make Time for the Things That You Love

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” ~ Wayne Dyer

I always hear people say ‘I didn’t have enough time.’ or ‘I’m too busy to do what I really want.’ Mostly the first is because they didn’t do the washing or sweep out the kitchen floor. We all are guilty of putting what needs to be done over what we actually want to do. I do it, but am so much better now because I take time to do what I love… what excites my soul. Read this earlier post I shared about exciting your soul and a fun local adventure I took. Mostly it is just the little things like stopping at a choice spot to take photos, drinking whatever tea I feel like, stepping outside to feel that insane one-ness with the earth, or once a week going to my favourite 100% organic cafe to spend a bit of my savings on a ‘MEANIE’ green juice (nothing but greens), a super-powers smoothie or a meal if I am feeling hungry enough. They are little things but I do them often and they bring joy, grounding, love, and light into my life.

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So, I urge you to do more of what you love because why the hell not, right!? 

I hope you have had a relaxing and replenishing Sunday, and that you week ahead is filled with little adventures to a cup of tea, a great book or even a back street that calls to you.

Brittany xx

Non Reality

I cart my camera and mini tripod up stairs to the balcony of my mum and step-dad’s place. It is too dark for me too see sighs of the sunrise yet, so I curl up on a chair in my biggest winter jacket. I wait. There aren’t any signs of birds yet either. I think that probably they aren’t even awake. I shouldn’t be. My room is warmer than the rest of the house and I know it is calling for me. I should be in bed, asleep, but instead I am outside. I am cloaked by the night sky and possessed by the moment when the lines of reality are blurred. Before the sunrise, and before the birds shake out their wings and warm up to sing sweet morning songs. I can’t hear many cars on the roads, but I none of that and all of it at the same time. It is the realisation that there is a whole other world just before sunrise.

The people still up with alcohol in their systems stumble right past this world, most people sleep through it, and people that have to get up for work (on a sunday!!?) are too focused on the road or work to fully enter this world. I am in this world where reality doesn’t exist. There are no expectations, no noise, and no distraction but the sunrise.

The pleasure I feel as the sun slowly lights up the sky and clouds, and turns the once black sky into a light show of pastel colours gives my elephants in my stomach (not butterflies).

I listen carefully…the birds are waking. The joyous sunrise has shaken them from sleep like a natural alarm clock. I watch as few, then flocks of them fill the sky in front of me. Some swoop while others SORE. Rainbow Lorikeets smoothly move from tree to tree while the Butcher birds and Noisy Miners take high to the skies, about the link where the ocean meets the orange lit sky.

Birds perch on rooftops, tree branches and the antenna belonging the the house next door. They sit still for a while, I think that they too might be letting the of no reality take their breath away too.

Time is catching up with me. The household will be waking soon, so I desperately cling to the sun as it slowly rises. The quietness of a day where humans have not tainted it yet. Birds chase one another and sore through the cold Autumn air. I know that ‘reality’ is about to catch up. The birds feel it too because they are moving faster now, to where ever they need to go.

My family wakes soon after and interrupts my captures, ‘bye bye silent and magical world. Hello reality.’ I am sad and annoyed that the short hour has been ripped away so suddenly, but I don’t let it show. It isn’t their fault, I am just sad that the mind-spinning, soul-warming silence is gone for another day.

I know that i should visit more often but work wont allow it and often I don’t get to bed until late(10-11 in the pm. Ehem, yeah I’m a softy!) because inspiration to write or create hits me at night.

I take a handful of captures before I thank the Universe for providing the escape EVERY MORNING!

I think that it is an escape that few get to enter because one must enter early and alone.

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So that happened this morning… I had this crazy idea to get up super early, but I missed feeling like I was the only one on earth. I seldom get up that early to just…do nothing. You have to try it sometime! The sunrise alone it pretty spectacular.

I am always trying to better my photography, so if anyone has any tips/books/articles/videos that you’d like to show me that that would be super amazing and so helpful. I have Canon EOS 30D (Second hand and so cheap, SCORE!). I hope everyone has had a full weekend and is pumped for Monday, because Monday isn’t bad… it’s your frame of mind.

Brittany xx

Gandhi Said It

“It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

There are many reasons why I love this quote. ‘Gandhi said it’ is one of those reasons. Two that are most prominent to me are that it inspires to me keep being selfless in my actions towards wanted to help others, and also it reminds me that the things I do now my not have any effect on people but thats okay because as long as I am being true and doing what is right somewhere along the line that will directly or indirectly make a difference.image6

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Processed with VSCOcam with q4 presetimage5image4Processed with VSCOcam with q10 presetI took most of these with my new camera (So excited to figure it out)

I can keep taking and sharing photos of the sky hoping that they awaken an appreciation in someone for what is always right there, but it is the action not the outcome.

Happy Almost Friday!! (Oh, I love saying that)

Brittany xx

Adventure Sunday

Yesterday I backtracked half of the route I took last weekend when this happened to take some photos. With me was my excited little sister. She sat in the passenger seat with her little head flipping around to look at all the views the Maleny, Montville and Mapleton had to offer.

We picked up my new camera first from a lovely man. I spoke with him for about half an hour about this new camera that I hadn’t yet known how to fully operate. N played with their dog, Sash. After we left his and his wife’s place we drove to Mapleton first to have lunch. N had a meat pie, because she doesn’t follow my lifestyle, and I nibbled on some roasted roots and lentils in turmeric and sesame seed oil (check out this post from Elenore). From there we headed back home, stopping at different places along the road to take photos. N had a turn at my new camera and my old film camera.

I am sort of speechless of how beautiful our trip was. I shouldn’t still be surprised that Mother Earth can stand up above everything and continue to be so stunning. Though I hope I continue to be in awe.

Here are some of my snaps from yesterday.

2015-04-20 11.49.43Cool mountain air and lush green views from Maleny lookout.

2015-04-20 11.49.572015-04-20 11.50.10 2015-04-20 11.50.072015-04-20 11.50.142015-04-20 11.50.282015-04-20 11.49.52

My little sister and I came across these cows. They all looked so healthy and just happy to be grazing and playing with each other. Three of them were pregnant, my sister pointed out to me. They seemed content on going about their grazing while I took many photos, two of them even posed for the camera.

IMG_12592015-04-20 11.50.34 2015-04-20 11.50.00

Art work skies.

2015-04-20 11.50.042015-04-20 11.50.17 2015-04-20 11.50.21 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

This was the view out the back of this really old house. I think they are macadamia trees but I couldn’t get over the vine covered fence to find out for sure.


This is the old house. It looked completely gutted and a few of the windows were broken. I look back at the photos I took of it and dream about what I could to to this structure to make it more functional. It’s abandoned charm was undeniable though.

2015-04-20 11.50.37

All the fences were old and most of the wood had this green growth attached.

Have a great week ahead, beauties.

Brittany xx

On Being Fulfilled

It has only been these past few months that I have completely noticed and been willingly out-of-this-world-gobsmaked by Mother Nature. I know, it’s bad! But I am doing so much better now. Call me a hippie, but I can find myself totally fulfilled when surrounded by Mother Earth. Of course I’m not a hippie, and you don’t have to be one to fully appreciate this head spinning-ly amazing earth we live on. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how badly we have and continue to treat this super powerful lady earth because I will go on for hours.

I find that I can be inside all day, eek!, or buy a very seldom magazine, or spend a little too much time on my laptop and feel totally unbalanced and not even close to being fulfilled. Yet, as soon as I step bare footed outside I feel something move through me, a gentle energy. I literally have no choice but to lie down on the cool damp grass as the Autumn night descends and mosquitos over take the butterflies. If the earth slowly grew vines and roots over my body, and swallowed me whole I think that I would be alright with that.

My point of this post is to get you to think a bit more about what makes you truly fulfilled. I bet it wont be anything to do with technology. Could it be preparing a healthy and beautiful meal with love and intention? Going to the beach to eat your lunch? Gardening? Playing some sort of sport outside or going to a run on a powerful forest track? Seriously it could be anything. Have a think about it, then do more of it! Why? Um, how about because you are crazy amazing and beautiful. You deserve it, Honey.

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Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

I am planning to post a recipe soon, I have few in mind so I just have to pick one. I promise that it will taste amaze-balls.

Brittany xx

A New Adventure and My Thoughts on Fear

I was planning on posting something on a sort of love of mine at the moment, but something came up today and I just had to tell you about it. I am only sorry that I didn’t take more photos…

I took my film camera on this adventure today, my seven year old GE digital camera has chomped through new batteries within two days, so I didn’t get many photos. This place was just beautiful, though. Mount Mee in Brisbane is lush and cool this time of year. Cows are grazing, horse’s resting their heads on the rump of another, rolling hills are bathed in sun, rows and rows of thick avocado trees grow in fields, and there are mind-blowing greenilicious fields of grass and wild flowers. I have been to Mount Mee and a few of the places we passed by, but today I saw it all differently. Since this change, of trying to have both big and little adventures as frequents as possible, I haven’t traveled as far as I did today though. It was only about half an hour each way, but I watched the scenery change from ocean and sand and too many buildings, too green fields and rolling hills and seldom houses. The weather was the perfect Autumn mix of cool winds and warming sun. Perfect for this little adventure of mine.

What made today different was how I got to Mount Mee. I was a motorbike!! This brings me to my thoughts on fear. I have always declined when my step-dad asked if I wanted to ride on the back of his on-road bike. I am still not completely sure why I avoided bikes. I rode dirt bikes all the time when I was younger. So why now is it that I suddenly didn’t want to get on one? I don’t know. The only way I can explain it is that Fear made it perfectly rational. Fear stopped me from getting on the back of my step-dad’s bike. Fear is like that, it will hold you back and stop you from leaving your perfectly safe comfort zone… AND it will do it in such a way that it seems perfectly all right not to. This Fear could stem from something that your family told you as a child, a bad experience, or even from the media. “You wont be happy unless you are rocking the little red bikini and have three hot guys chasing after you and your tanned girlfriends while you laugh, showing off your pearly whites.” heard of this? Yeah, Fear (or your Ego) hammers you over and over until you are left with drug or alcohol dependancy problems, self-confidence problems or a number of other self love issues.


I used to be like that, and sometimes I still let Fear whisper mean things about my body and my life in my ears. I think that that is inevitable when you live in a class, beauty and materialistic driven society. But you can choose to see Love instead! Yay! And when you see Love over Fear or Ego some pretty amazing things happen, the Universe gives you so much!

Anyway, I was under the delusion that getting on the back of a motorbike would be the end of me! But last night I agreed to go on a ride the next day. A lovely family friend allowed this complete amateur (lil’ ol’ me) to get on the back of his bike. He told me that he would drive slower and that he was sure I would really enjoy the ride. I pulled a face and everyone laughed but I got on anyway. I found that when I was looking at this big, and slightly imitating, bike all I was worried about was scratching the shiny surface with my totally inappropriate hipster lace-ups. I wasn’t scared for even a moment whole on that bike. The cool wind felt refreshing against my skin, the weightless feeling while driving along (NO SEAT BELT! WOOOT! I was told not to sound so surprised by that), the breathtakingly green fields and stunning views of the far off hills and ocean all overwhelmed me in the best way and I felt like I was born to be on the back of a bike. All my worries about my future, stress and impurities left me (the speed we were going ripped them out of my pours if I am being honest). It also left my hair a total mess of knots and my face slightly pink…

Oh! And the bees! There was this little church that was open for the public to walk through (thank you kind and trusting people!). The church itself was small and old but well kept, but the flowers…oh yes, that was love at first sight. There were flowers EVERYWHERE! And I am not even over-exaggerating. It was so picturesque AND there were bees everywhere. Through the occasional sound of the motorbikes zoooooming past, you were able to hear the delicate buzzing of those little wonders.

I was in heaven, no pun intended.

These are some of the very few photos from my mum’s phone. I plan to trip back there in my tiny car with a green juice and a picnic lunch so I can stop and take photos without pissing off an otherwise pleasant family friend (oh and with a paper bag filled with batteries for my beloved camera).




I hope your weekends where even more magical than mine was.

Brittany xx

Getting into the Easter Spirit with Easter Egg-Messages

Now, while THIS sounded like a whole lot of fun. I opted for something a little less like egging a car. This Easter DIY is cuter and more delicate. I wanted to dye eggs naturally AND I wanted to put a cute little surprise in the egg. So I did both. They are like Party Poppers but eggs and for Easter.

Natural Dye 

You will need…



Red: 1 beetroot

Blue: 1/2 a purple cabbage

Orange: 2 carrots or just 1 1/2 tsp of turmeric and 1 tsp paprika

Green: 2 spinach leaves or 1 cup of baby spinach


Chop all ingredients up. Then add water to a pot over medium heat. Depending on the size of your pot, you will need to fill it up with enough water to cover your eggs. Add cut up beetroot to pot and bring to the boil. Boil for 5 minutes before bringing to a simmer. Add gutted eggs (How too below) and 1-2 tsp of salt. You may need to hold the eggs down with a spoon, up right and completely submerged so all the air can escape. Leave for half an hour at a low simmer.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Gutted Eggs

You will need…

Eggs, washed (How ever many you would like to give)

1 Needle

1 Toothpick

A jar or small bowl for the insides of the eggs

Message inside





Take a washed egg in your hand and start making a hole in the bottom (flatter side) using the needle. This shouldn’t be too hard, if the shell seems to be too hard just place the egg back into the egg carton (again bottom up) and try again. See photo for size of hole. It should be about 1mm wide. Then do the same to the top. This will be harder than the bottom was.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Next take the tooth pick shove it into one of the holes and move it around to break up the yolk, other wise you will be breathless by the time you have finished. This next part is a little gross. Blow from the top hole in the egg over the jar or small bowl. All of the insides need to come out. If it doesn’t seem to be working make the bottom hole a little bigger with the needle.

To wash out the inside of the shell turn on the tap, only a little otherwise water will go everywhere, and hold the egg up to the spout so the water runs right threw the two holes you made.

Leave the hollow eggs to dry for about an hour. While you are waiting, write the notes on thin strips of paper. Make sure that when you roll up the note it is really tight so it will fit into the hole.

Note: The egg whites and yolks can be used for cooking other things so you don’t waste anything. I will be making these Banana Pancakes tomorrow morning.

Extra: if you would like prints on the eggs, like the ones in the photos, add these steps before putting them in the pots. 1) wet the egg so you can place clovers, mint leaves or other small leafy finds from your garden, on the egg. 2) slip into a section of an old stocking, or fine mesh. 3) tie it off and add to die.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Happy Easter everyone. Stay safe.

Brittany xx

On Getting Bendy and Not Being Stupid

I just wanted to write a quick post about flexibility. Tomorrow I plan to give you an Easter post with something special but for now I just wanted to share something that happened to me.

I don’t think there was a time that I haven’t been able to touch my toes without straining, do an arch, perform a pretty good cartwheel, or get into a position where I am almost in splits. From a young age I was enrolled in gymnastics and other sports that required me to be flexible and stretch a fair bit. I don’t do gymnastics or team sports anymore but I do exercise every day (okay 5-6 days a week MAX) and stretching. Usually I stretch in the mornings, go to work, then again I stretch/yoga in the afternoon. I find that I move around a lot better and I can get into some pretty weird positions in result. Anyway, I was telling the two girls I nanny about some of the different things I can do… I shouldn’t have mentioned the splits but I did and they excitedly told me to show them. Hhhh. I am cringing just writing about this. So I stretched a little, not enough because the youngest was bouncing around the room begging me to hurry up or she would “DIIIIIIEEEE”. I first went into the front splits, it was a little harder than usual and I should have listened to my body and paused to stretch and warm my legs up a little more. Of course, I didn’t. I switched sides and as I lowered down. I was able to touch the ground, but as I did I heard a few popping sounds. I pulled my Hamstring. yeah…

So, the next day I really paid for it. I couldn’t go for my morning run, stretch much, or even do yoga. Eeeek. Sitting down was uncomfortable as well. I am not one of those people that get’s super hyped by their own pain. Ehem, mum. So it was pretty unpleasant. Three days later I am confident enough to stretch then go for my run and warm down after. I guess I got lucky because I know it could have been much worse.

My point is, please make sure you stretch properly! I’m no expert, but if something doesn’t feel right and you body is sayin’ ‘hold up gurrrl. You ain’t really gonna do dat?’…don’t do it! Take it easy, take your time and enjoy it. Stretching shouldn’t be a chore or painful. Relax. I know it seems simple, or maybe you just don’t think you need to stretch. Stretching helps to prevent injury, so don’t skip it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.48.34 am
This is one of Elle’s shots from her Instagram, Elle Fit/ Get Bendy. Her feed is such an inspiration for me. Click on it to check out her page.
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.46.11 am


Hope you have all had a nice flowing week so far.

Brittany xx

The Moon, Mother Nature and the Truth

When I search for the moon I feel as though my inner child has come to the forefront and nothing else matters other than finding the moon in the sky. The power of the moon and anticipation to feel it’s healing presence forbids anything else from crossing my mind. When I step boldly and vulnerably into nature with bare feet I do so expecting nothing less than to be recharged. The dark and angry emotions that build up in my chest, shoulders and mind that make it hard for me to give my very best are pulled from me.

I will admit that I feel the most comfort and warmth when I am in nature. It talks to me, embraces me, listens to my fears and worries, and heals me. This scares me because Mother Nature isn’t human and while she can naturally do no evil or harm to man kind, it is so against my upbringing and what society says is ‘normal’ that I sometimes want to scroll and double tap on Instagram, find inspiration through Pintrest, study Nutrition, explore the internet for beautiful quotes, and watch movies (Love, Rosie … am I right?) instead of going outside. Or maybe I don’t want to admit that I have experienced more emotion and amazement while being totally present in Nature than I have with another person… well at least for a long time. Either way, what I am laking in human contact at the moment Mother Earth is picking up, and when I think about it too much it makes me sad.

If anyone else is in the same boat I will put out there the advice I am trying to give my introverted self, though I am proving to be too stubborn and annoying. Just go for it! Really! Whatever it is that you have been thinking about doing for so long, do it. say it, shout it, act it out…smoke signal it! Haha. Truely, the people that take chances and live out of their comfort zone are the ones others aspire to be. They both shock and amaze. I know that I would much rather be that version of myself rather than this sometimes fear-driven version. I am luckily comfortable, most of the time, with myself. My struggle now is just to get out of the comfy, warm, padded, and cloud-like world I have built.

Good luck, beautiful souls.

Had to put this picture of Layla in as well, because I just found her unique voice and songs and the photo is really cool. (click on it to check out ‘Smokestacks’)

Brittany xx

Something For You xx

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

While I don’t live in America, I do really love this quote. It just makes you think about how no one else can ruin you, push you around or take your freedom. Only you can truly do that. If you are strong minded and have positive thoughts no one person can keep you down. Clean up your thoughts and you will have the life you want. It is so easy to access, you just need to want it and be dedicated.

Calm your mind

This post is brought to you from my Gabby Bernstein inspiration explosion. Love this woman.

Have a wonderful and enlightened week.

Much love,