House Hunting, Good Vibes, and Mountain Dreams

“Let come what may.”

I am looking for a place to live. It sounds weird and grown up for me to say, but none the less I have been looking for a place to live since this year started. At first I think it was just something I did instead of studying (admit it you do it too…) but I actually got serious, I started searching for rentals in towns I actually liked and could afford. Byron Bay was at the top of my list (I could totally ditch uni and live in probably on of the coolest places I have been too… umm…). I am sticking close to home now and work…and uni. I am also pulling a Gabby Bernstein and being totally open to being guided to the place I am supposed to find.

Sometimes I would love to just run away to the Blue Mountains or hike the Glass Mountains and build a little cabin out of sustainable materials; live off the land, live simply, sell my harvest at the local markets, chop wood for fire, snuggle up to my man on any given night, write my books from a little study over looking the world, and hike the mountain for that exhilarating invincible feeling…

2015-04-20 11.50.10

2015-04-20 11.50.14

The thing is I could have that mountain dweller dream, I could pack up and leave my life now and start over for the simple life. I can do that, but I wont because it is too hard for my stage of life right now.

So… I am still searching and putting out good vibes. I am allowing the angels to take over and putting my trust in the Universe to nudge me into the right direction. Because even if you end up going left, not right, it is still actually the right path for you to be on… or maybe I’m just a little crazy and am talking gibberish.

Have a great week beauties.

Brittany xx

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