Itchy Feet

This post was written in a cosy and empty house, in front of the fire in my thick stockings and woollen over coat. John Mayer’s sweet voice and calming melodies set the mood to work on a post that are beginning to become seldom.

It was at the start of my healthy lifestyle journey that it happened. There was a instant connection, a love at first sight kind of situation. Never before had I felt such an emotion but sure enough I was feeling it, and would continue to feel it for over a year and into the future. The very moment it all started was on my mind constantly, I would go to sleep thinking about it…wake up in the same sort of state, just a little more groggy. Unfortunately I am not talking about a boy, I am not even talking about my LOVE for organic and whole foods or fetish for sustainable living. I am talking about TRAVEL. The excitement, the wonder, the breathless moments, the food, the moments you fall in love with other places other than your home… travel.


My family would scorn me for wanting to start a family young, telling me that I NEEDED to travel. ‘Yeah. I don’t really want to travel’ What? Did I really say that? Yes, and multiple times! I was so sure that I didn’t have what I like to call the Travel Bug. Not the nasty-constantly-throwing-up version of ‘bug’, nope. I am talking about that yarning to see new places, meet new and exciting people, take ba-gillions of photos, trek to crazy heights, try different foods, gain new knowledge and meaning for life… you get the picture…

I want to travel. I have itchy feet, and a mind (and search history) full of places to visit. I don’t really have a destination, though I do really want to visit (ehem…relocate) to Sweden, probably to one of the towns outside of Stockholm because it is much cheeper to live there. Sometimes I want to… move because I feel like I don’t belong here and because there is nothing tying my here other than my job. Other times I want to travel because a part of me really does just want to explore knew places, get lost, meet different people, fall in love, be shoved violently out of my comfort zone…



And I want to do it all alone! I don’t want to have a guide chatting my ear off, a tour group to shuffle along with, or a friend or family member to have to think about while I take way too many photos, skinny dip, take my time sight seeing, or going for lengthy hikes. I want to be able to engage in a conversation about spices in Japan without have to worry about boring my companion to death.





I will travel overseas. One day. Someday soon.

There is this kind of amazing short film, Everyday, that has really got me thinking about doing things we believe we have no time for, like taking up a new hobby, or traveling… If you haven’t already checked it out you really need to. I just love it.

(All photos from Google, on account of my current laziness)

Brittany xx

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