Non Reality

I cart my camera and mini tripod up stairs to the balcony of my mum and step-dad’s place. It is too dark for me too see sighs of the sunrise yet, so I curl up on a chair in my biggest winter jacket. I wait. There aren’t any signs of birds yet either. I think that probably they aren’t even awake. I shouldn’t be. My room is warmer than the rest of the house and I know it is calling for me. I should be in bed, asleep, but instead I am outside. I am cloaked by the night sky and possessed by the moment when the lines of reality are blurred. Before the sunrise, and before the birds shake out their wings and warm up to sing sweet morning songs. I can’t hear many cars on the roads, but I none of that and all of it at the same time. It is the realisation that there is a whole other world just before sunrise.

The people still up with alcohol in their systems stumble right past this world, most people sleep through it, and people that have to get up for work (on a sunday!!?) are too focused on the road or work to fully enter this world. I am in this world where reality doesn’t exist. There are no expectations, no noise, and no distraction but the sunrise.

The pleasure I feel as the sun slowly lights up the sky and clouds, and turns the once black sky into a light show of pastel colours gives my elephants in my stomach (not butterflies).

I listen carefully…the birds are waking. The joyous sunrise has shaken them from sleep like a natural alarm clock. I watch as few, then flocks of them fill the sky in front of me. Some swoop while others SORE. Rainbow Lorikeets smoothly move from tree to tree while the Butcher birds and Noisy Miners take high to the skies, about the link where the ocean meets the orange lit sky.

Birds perch on rooftops, tree branches and the antenna belonging the the house next door. They sit still for a while, I think that they too might be letting the of no reality take their breath away too.

Time is catching up with me. The household will be waking soon, so I desperately cling to the sun as it slowly rises. The quietness of a day where humans have not tainted it yet. Birds chase one another and sore through the cold Autumn air. I know that ‘reality’ is about to catch up. The birds feel it too because they are moving faster now, to where ever they need to go.

My family wakes soon after and interrupts my captures, ‘bye bye silent and magical world. Hello reality.’ I am sad and annoyed that the short hour has been ripped away so suddenly, but I don’t let it show. It isn’t their fault, I am just sad that the mind-spinning, soul-warming silence is gone for another day.

I know that i should visit more often but work wont allow it and often I don’t get to bed until late(10-11 in the pm. Ehem, yeah I’m a softy!) because inspiration to write or create hits me at night.

I take a handful of captures before I thank the Universe for providing the escape EVERY MORNING!

I think that it is an escape that few get to enter because one must enter early and alone.

Processed with VSCOcam with q6 preset  Processed with VSCOcam with q9 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with q4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with q4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

So that happened this morning… I had this crazy idea to get up super early, but I missed feeling like I was the only one on earth. I seldom get up that early to just…do nothing. You have to try it sometime! The sunrise alone it pretty spectacular.

I am always trying to better my photography, so if anyone has any tips/books/articles/videos that you’d like to show me that that would be super amazing and so helpful. I have Canon EOS 30D (Second hand and so cheap, SCORE!). I hope everyone has had a full weekend and is pumped for Monday, because Monday isn’t bad… it’s your frame of mind.

Brittany xx


2 thoughts on “Non Reality

  1. Your writing is beautiful B 🙉

    And pro tip for your photos: follow because I’m actually doing an online diploma in photography rn valued at $1500 that I only paid $19 for.. and it’s all accredited and legit and deals like that pop up quite regularly. They also have creative writing and storybook courses just fyi.


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