On Being Fulfilled

It has only been these past few months that I have completely noticed and been willingly out-of-this-world-gobsmaked by Mother Nature. I know, it’s bad! But I am doing so much better now. Call me a hippie, but I can find myself totally fulfilled when surrounded by Mother Earth. Of course I’m not a hippie, and you don’t have to be one to fully appreciate this head spinning-ly amazing earth we live on. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how badly we have and continue to treat this super powerful lady earth because I will go on for hours.

I find that I can be inside all day, eek!, or buy a very seldom magazine, or spend a little too much time on my laptop and feel totally unbalanced and not even close to being fulfilled. Yet, as soon as I step bare footed outside I feel something move through me, a gentle energy. I literally have no choice but to lie down on the cool damp grass as the Autumn night descends and mosquitos over take the butterflies. If the earth slowly grew vines and roots over my body, and swallowed me whole I think that I would be alright with that.

My point of this post is to get you to think a bit more about what makes you truly fulfilled. I bet it wont be anything to do with technology. Could it be preparing a healthy and beautiful meal with love and intention? Going to the beach to eat your lunch? Gardening? Playing some sort of sport outside or going to a run on a powerful forest track? Seriously it could be anything. Have a think about it, then do more of it! Why? Um, how about because you are crazy amazing and beautiful. You deserve it, Honey.

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

I am planning to post a recipe soon, I have few in mind so I just have to pick one. I promise that it will taste amaze-balls.

Brittany xx


5 thoughts on “On Being Fulfilled

  1. I know exactly what you mean. My home has some very large windows and this allows some nice views of the gardens but getting outside feeling the breeze, smelling the earth and plants. That is something else. It makes you ask yourself why we spend so much time indoors when being outdoors makes you feel so good.


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