The Moon, Mother Nature and the Truth

When I search for the moon I feel as though my inner child has come to the forefront and nothing else matters other than finding the moon in the sky. The power of the moon and anticipation to feel it’s healing presence forbids anything else from crossing my mind. When I step boldly and vulnerably into nature with bare feet I do so expecting nothing less than to be recharged. The dark and angry emotions that build up in my chest, shoulders and mind that make it hard for me to give my very best are pulled from me.

I will admit that I feel the most comfort and warmth when I am in nature. It talks to me, embraces me, listens to my fears and worries, and heals me. This scares me because Mother Nature isn’t human and while she can naturally do no evil or harm to man kind, it is so against my upbringing and what society says is ‘normal’ that I sometimes want to scroll and double tap on Instagram, find inspiration through Pintrest, study Nutrition, explore the internet for beautiful quotes, and watch movies (Love, Rosie … am I right?) instead of going outside. Or maybe I don’t want to admit that I have experienced more emotion and amazement while being totally present in Nature than I have with another person… well at least for a long time. Either way, what I am laking in human contact at the moment Mother Earth is picking up, and when I think about it too much it makes me sad.

If anyone else is in the same boat I will put out there the advice I am trying to give my introverted self, though I am proving to be too stubborn and annoying. Just go for it! Really! Whatever it is that you have been thinking about doing for so long, do it. say it, shout it, act it out…smoke signal it! Haha. Truely, the people that take chances and live out of their comfort zone are the ones others aspire to be. They both shock and amaze. I know that I would much rather be that version of myself rather than this sometimes fear-driven version. I am luckily comfortable, most of the time, with myself. My struggle now is just to get out of the comfy, warm, padded, and cloud-like world I have built.

Good luck, beautiful souls.

Had to put this picture of Layla in as well, because I just found her unique voice and songs and the photo is really cool. (click on it to check out ‘Smokestacks’)

Brittany xx


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